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Jiangsu Yutong Drying Engineering Co. Ltd.
Address:No.68 Shunhe Road, Jiaoxi, Zhenglu Town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu,China 213116
General manager:Luwenguang 13906123780
Deputy general sales:Chayongqiang 13775013377
Tel:0519-88908088 {zzz:tel22}
Foreign trade department:0519-88901088 67892070

Company profile

    Jiangsu Yutong Drying Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, is in the original Changzhou Yutong Drying Equipment Co., based on the re-integration, increase and expansion, standardized management, the scale of expansion, a comprehensive upgrade and renamed the enterprise. After 16 years of development, the company either has a relatively large increase enterprise scale, production equipment, design level, staff quality, management ability, capital reserves, marketing strategy, and other annual performance and increase enterprise development space and potential are great. Jiangsu Province, pharmaceutical, food, chemical machinery of key enterprises.

    Yutong is a company specialized in drying, mixing, grinding, granulation, extraction and concentration equipment manufactured by well-known manufacturers, is a national high-tech enterprises, the company has passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Management System certification, production of equipment by the US international quality certification Committee awarded the "high-quality recommendation certificate" and the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Association awarded the "outstanding scientific and technological products in East China certificate." The company re-image, a brand, for many years was named "Jiangsu Province famous enterprises (brand)", "Jiangsu AAA grade quality and integrity of corporate brands", "excellent private enterprises in Jiangsu Province", "Jiangsu Province AAA corporate credit rating", etc., China's top ten enterprises chemical drying, China pharmaceutical equipment industry Association, China General Machinery industry Association drying equipment Branch member units, the China petroleum and chemical industry Federation technical equipment drying professional group deputy head of unit, led and participated in a number of State and drying equipment industry standard-setting work, the company's core technology products 70 national patents, including patents, more than 30, to fill the gap. The company is applying for the National Bureau of Production Safety Administration of Work Safety Standardization Enterprise Certificate III.

    The company is located in Gangnam towns - Coke Town, an area of ​​50 mu, building area of ​​16,000 square meters, it has a staff of 150 people, including 50 college diploma, with the title of senior engineering and technical personnel more than 20 people, ready to provide technical services. The company also set up by graduate students, visiting professor of the research team - Jiangsu Province plant extracts drying technology and equipment engineering and technology research center, the company responsible for new product development and completion of technology innovation, design research major national reconstruction projects task, strong R & D to ensure that the development of at least five new products a year. The company has been committed to the drying, mixing, granulating, grinding, concentration, nitrogen closed loop solvent recovery, energy saving, efficient and environmentally friendly, intelligent control, a multi-functional machine, and many other development and research operations in the country in many industries such as pharmaceutical , chemical, food, environmental protection, new materials, new energy, petrochemical, medical, agricultural, pesticides, electronics, mining and other industries, hundreds of varieties, with an annual output of various types of drying equipment more than 600 Taiwan (sets), following a cross key projects, turnkey projects, sub-projects and so on. The company also owns a professional on-site construction, installation and commissioning of the project team, establish a sound service system, to ensure that each device Yutong correctly, timely and successfully put into operation.

    In addition to continue to introduce a variety of excellent technical personnel, enhance the development capability, but also the introduction of foreign new technology and new equipment, enhance the company's manufacturing processes and product quality. Management through the introduction of senior management personnel also brought advanced management concepts, to all levels of management staff a comprehensive training system, and gradually improve the company's management system, enhance the company's management level, thus improving the company's efficiency . Marketing through the establishment of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and accelerate the pace to enter the international market in recent years, products are exported to many countries and regions in the United States, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Turkey, Iran, Vietnam, Hong Kong, expanding the company's visibility, enhance the company's strength and size, but also laid the company's position in the industry.

    The company focus on building corporate culture, established a plant in the region Zhigongzhijia, the acquisition of culture and entertainment, sports training facilities to enrich the staff amateur cultural and sports life, improve the corporate home workers the same identity. The company has always been committed to the construction workforce, regular batches training to improve the professional skills and cultural qualities. The company established the Party organizations and trade unions, regularly organizes activities for employees about important policy of the Party and the country, to understand the development and changes of our country and establish a party-loving, patriotic, love the plants, love family four love faith, raise the political workers literacy and moral standards. Encourage employees to establish a "must do first things people, good things must first be good people," the company philosophy, promote corporate culture.

    The company of "science and technology are primary productive forces, in order to promote innovation and development," "fair competition, to-win, quality win, to win new" for the purpose, and strive to achieve "I have no people, I have gifted, gifted people I'm new. " Rigorous scientific attitude, the concept of excellence, good job every piece of equipment, and strive to achieve "innovation, cooperation and win-win" goal.

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Jiangsu Yutong Drying Engineering Co. Ltd.
General manager:Luwenguang 13906123780
Deputy general sales:13906123780
Tel:0519-88908088  0519-88908088
Foreign trade department: 0519-88901088 67892070
Address:No.68 Shunhe Road, Jiaoxi, Zhenglu Town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu,China 213116
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Address: No.68 Shunhe Road, Jiaoxi, Zhenglu Town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu,China 213116    General manager:Luwenguang  13906123780    Deputy general sales:Luwenguang  13906123780
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